Dynamically transforming fan engagement and viewing experience

Nowadays, sports facilities must focus more than ever on creating a modern, immersive experience. The end-to-end capabilities of Bayzor's sports solutions offer businesses everything they need, from Audio, video, lighting, innovative software and facility management.

Entrance & Ticketing

Capturing customer attention with impactful welcome
imgateAccess Control imgateCCTV Solution imgateInteractive Screens imgateCrowd Management

Sport Halls

End-to-end solution makes the fans to have unforgettable experience
imgateAudio Solution imgateDisplay Solutions imgateLighting Solutions imgateBroadcast Solutions

Control Center

Convenient management and efficient control
imgateBuilding Management System imgateVideo Wall 24/7 imgateSpecialised mixer and servers imgateScore Board System

Our Advantage

Bayzor is a customer-centric company specializing in digital transformation industries. working smart to develop high-standard resources and capabilities that fit with market needs and demand.

Systematic Sport Solution

Break free from geographical restraints with remote digital and visual management of multiple projects. Real-time monitoring of device operation and energy consumption to improve operations and maintenance efficiency.

Financial-grade Network Data Security

Best-in-class global IoT security compliance standards. Global cloud data centers to maximize network and data security.

Enhanced Security

Offer seamless and secure property access management for, staff and visitors from the front gates to all around (CCTV and Access control)

Abundant IoT Capability

Zigbee / Bluetooth Mesh / Wi-Fi / Multi-protocol compatibility. Standardized module design with Pin to Pin compatibility between different protocols allows for seamless product expansion.

Strong Eco-Chain

With a rich Bayzor-enabled product ecosystem, Bayzor Business Solution enables multi-category and multi-brand device compatibility.


Provides multiple revenue streams for owners and enhance customer loyalty. Provides strategic optimization for device and energy consumption based on operational data.

Bayzor Smart Sport Vision

image Specialized Partner in Saudi Market (Samsung, LG Dash, Trenex) image High Tech team to study, analyze, and implement tailer made solutions image IoT standard assessment and integration test image Design and visualization capabilities
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