Today's retailers need to create engaging experiences

With smart solution, retailers can improve a customer's entire shopping journey from capturing attraction to providing real-time promotion. This new technology will enhance the customer's satisfaction bringing them back to the store for future shopping.

Atraction (Entrance)

Automatically captivate a shopper's attention
imgateAttractive contents imgateImmersive Display imgateAudience Measurement imgateSmart Gate

Communications (In/Out)

Whether the displays is used indoors or outdoors, consumer facing or employee facing, digital displays makes an impressive statement, commanding attention from consumers and competitors alike. Bayzor's has used its knowledge and technology to reinvent the Retail industry.
imgateOutdoor/Indoor Digital Menu Board imgateSelf-Order Solution imgatePOS Integration

Facility Management

End-to-end retail solution, ensure highest efficiency and and cost saving with high standard security solution.
imgateCCTV Solution imgateAccess Control imgateLighting and sensors imgateSmart HVAC System

Our Advantage

All set for the retail industry, Bayzor's expert team make it ready for any store or retail owner with an integrated digital offering starting from the entrance till backend offices.

Systematic Retail Management

Real-time monitoring of device operation and energy consumption to improve operations and maintenance efficiency.

Financial-grade Network Data Security

Best-in-class global IoT security compliance standards. Global cloud data centers to maximize network and data security.

Enhanced Security

Offer seamless and secure property access management for, staff and visitors from the front gates to all around (CCTV and Access control)

Abundant IoT Capability

Zigbee / Bluetooth Mesh / Wi-Fi / Multi-protocol compatibility. Standardized module design with Pin to Pin compatibility between different protocols allows for seamless product expansion.

Strong Eco-Chain

With a rich Bayzor-enabled product ecosystem, Bayzor Business Solution enables multi-category and multi-brand device compatibility.


Provides multiple revenue streams for owners and enhance customer loyalty. Provides strategic optimization for device and energy consumption based on operational data.

Bayzor Smart Retail Vision

For shop and retail owners or managers, an interactive retail environment, proper customer engagement and electricity efficiency a key. Bayzor’s vision and mission are to enable quick and customized implementations by providing professional software and devices from Bayzor’s ecosystem.

image Specialized Partner in Saudi Market (Dash System, Trenex, SugAR) image High Tech team to study, analyze, and implement tailer made solutions image IoT standard assessment and integration test image Design and visualization capabilities
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